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Warning! This web site was created to help children, but Evangelist Barlee, has been cheating us.  Do not send this man any money.  The children will certainly not receive it.  He has been working with a woman named, Johan Pratt, and together they have cheated us out of $2,000.00  We have a trusted investigator in the camp.  

Email us for the details, at this address



 Healing Farm Children's Ministry



I was born unto the union of Mr.Augustine Macedo Portugese Oceanographer and Mrs.Janet D.Barlee a business woman from Liberia in the year 27th May,1977 in Monrovia,Liberia. I completed my Primary education at the St.Philomena Primary School in Zwedru,Grand Gedeh County in the South-Estern heart of Liberia populated with the krahn ethnic group that have being victims of the 14 years civil war. In 1990,I was with my eldest sister in Monrovia,Liberia attending the Catherdral High School where the civil war met us and we fled to Sierra Leone about 1500 square miles from Monrovia in the North of the Country on foot.My mother and two sisters where killed in the midst of the war because they where classified as Krahn speaking people related to the than President of Liberia Dr.Samuel Kayan Doe. However,through the wonder of God,I was able to escape the prison of the rebels through a former friend of my mother who was also a leading man in the Charles G.Taylor lead rebels known as National Patriotic Force of Liberia ( N.P.F.L ).He and my mother where work mates and she was kind woman to all her workmates,and that kindness of hers eventhough she dead,still speaks and defend me wherever I am. I was later in Sierra Leone than in Guinea because of civil war there in Sierra Leone in the 1992s in which Liberians where accused of bringing war to their country,because Charles G.Taylor conspired with Forlay Sankor to bring war in Sierra Leone ad that brought a very bad danger to us there that where seeking refuge in Sierra Leone and some refugees where killed,imprisoned,raped,abused,and even beaten severely. I was able to seek assistance from the UNHCR in Kanema ,Sierra Leone and when to Guinea in the South of Sierra Leone where I later sought refuge in Ivory Coast for the next two ( 2 )years and later departed to Ghana because in 1995 the LPC rebels and the Ivorien Government forces in the Southern Town of Tai,had a mis-understanding with the rebels goods that they brought for sale to the Government was not rightfully bought and the money was not given to them in the equivalent and that brought a big fight among the rebels and Ivorien Government arm forces stationed there which resulted in many refugees lossing their lives in that region and that also cause me to seek refugee in Ghana where I am now located and have being here for the past 9yrs now. Doing all these periods I was unable to go to school and complete my education.So in 1995 when I was relocated in Ghana from Ivory Coast.I decided to go to school and complete my academic education without anyn parent or relatives there to pay off my school fees.I was able to get a wheelbarrow and had to transport loads of people getting from Accra and nearby cities that have goods to carry at their house inorder that they pay me some amount and that was how I ws able to pay for my school fees throughout my High Schooling on the camp.I graduated 1998 from High school and decided to do distance educational courses through Bible and Agriculture science since I never had the opportunity to pay for a local College or University in Ghana.I did four year correspondence courses studies in Biblical studies from the International School of Biblical Studies now call International Bible Institute located in West Monroe,Louissiana,U.S.A and also have a sub-office in Cape Town,South Africa where I got my first Diploma in Biblical Studies in September 28,1998 and recently recieved my Higher National Diploma from the same school through correspondence in July 1,2004. I also attended the West Africa College For Sustainable development in the Central region Ghana and completed a four years first degree course in Agriculture Science and two years program in Teacher Education through the university of education Winnebe,Ghana. I was baptised and became in ministry works since 1994 when I accepted christ through obedience to the Gospel and decided to also spend the rest of my life in missions works that would bring many to christ. I am also the Assistant Minister for the Buduburam refugee church of christ here in Ghana and also the Director for follow-up in the Bible Correspondence courses that I myself once did several years ago through which I also got to know christ and obey him immediately and decided to spread this Gospel with many others like myself. I am married to a beautiful young lady who is also a christian and member of the church of christ whom also I was able to preached to and baptised after she decided to obey the Gospel of Christ.We do not have any child yet,but believe and ask you all that God would bless our home soon.My wife name is Rachel Dehcontee Barlee. I am also trying to get assistance for thousands of children that are orphans,disable,abandoned,street children and those that are unaccompained on the camp who do not have means to food,clothing,shelter,nutrition or medical assistance in times of sicknesses,housing and other basic things that normal life for children have to be available. I am seeking faithful freinds,organisatons,churches,etc who that are willing to help helpless and hopeless children get a significant future by just seeking to assist them with the above needs.We promise you through Christ our Lord,to do our best that these children see a glorious future by whatever you can send for them in the form of money,goods,prayers,visits,etc. May God richly bless you as we anticipate to do His will.