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Healing Farm Children Missions

Bible Study Courses


Warning! This web site was created to help children, but Evangelist Barlee, has been cheating us.  Do not send this man any money.  The children will certainly not receive it.  He has been working with a woman named, Johan Pratt, and together they have cheated us out of $2,000.00  We have a trusted investigator in the camp.  

Email us for the details, at this address


This is the our World Bible School correspondence courses in the bible which students that are adults take to enhance their knowledge of the Scriptures.  Evangelist Anthony Barlee is the Director for the free bible courses program.    We are now trying to develop a curriculum for teaching children as well.

This is a student receiving a copy of the bible after completing a series of personal studies program through correspondence.  

  Anthony Barlee  Assistant Minister of the Church of Christ



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File0030.jpg (146720 bytes)These are pictures of  World Bible School, Truth For The world and World English Institute students that are doing the courses from different schools on the camp and the surrounding villages in the Gomoa District.  The works here of these correspondence reports on students are made possible through the above mentioned churches of Christ free Bible courses ministry and individual congregations in the U.S.  and the local church here and the Ghana Literature Centre in Accra headed by Bro.Osie Larbi through Bro.Ed Mosby.

We do pray that as these children learn their academic lessons in their various schools we also evangelize through the schools through the works of the free Bible courses.  We usually have a Saturday Bible study class section for all WBS / TFTW / WEI students at our local office here in the Buduburam Village. We pray that you can support this outreach to enable us to continue to send these materials for the spread of the Gospel among the youth and older people.



File0027.jpg (123056 bytes)The pictures show a very small office for brother Barlee from which he coordinates the affairs of the daily activities of the works to other brethren involved in the next room where they grade Truth For The World completed lessons, collect students completed courses, give students their next courses to be taken, package materials that needs to be posted, and conduct Bible studies. The Bible studies presentation is being done by me wherein  the other brethren involve with the works here are also present in the class doing the studies so that they also can be trained to teach the Gospel when I am not around to teach the class. We are appealing to you all that we need some funds to extend the room that we are presently using for the Bible studies because the students attendance is increasing in every class on Saturday.

Pictures 2 and three shows brother p. Nathan Tears, follow-up worker WBS, and  Bro.Barlee, director and Bro. Zito Ballo also follow-up worker standing with the correspondence materials received from Truth For The World sent on the 3rd March,2004. We are very grateful for these materials as they are being used to win more souls to Christ.  We baptized about 8 of Truth For The World students from these materials after they collected the courses and completed them.  We pray that you can help support this outreach that many souls will be won for Christ, as there are many people wanting the course but we don't have enough to go around.


File0050.jpg (105554 bytes)

Bro.Ephesians Walker,WBS Follow-up worker baptising two students after series of personal studies with them in their courses with WBS .






File0028.jpg (148605 bytes)

Bro. Anthony Macedo Barlee, Evangelist and WBS follow-up worker baptizing  Bro.Zito Ballo and  Bro.Francis Sackor all students of WBS and Truth For the World.