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Healing Farm Children Missions

Warning! This web site was created to help children, but Evangelist Barlee, has been cheating us.  Do not send this man any money.  The children will certainly not receive it.  He has been working with a woman named, Johan Pratt, and together they have cheated us out of $2,000.00  We have a trusted investigator in the camp.  

Email us for the details, at this address

Children's Stories


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Urgent Needs 

Marian Bulak

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This is Marian Bulak and her mother Youngor Bulak who is a widow on the camp with Marian being her only surviving child after her other four children where killed in the recent war in Monrovia, Liberia last year July.
Marian Bulak is a 17yrs old girl who through the tireless effort of her mother is now a final year student at the local High School on the camp.  She was poison and is suffering from rise of the stomach, feet, face and becomes very weak. Her mother Oldma Youngor a Kpelle by tribe 69yrs woman also from Liberia is a widow and does not have the financial means to seek medical treatment for her only surviving daughter.  Anthny Barlee was contacted with their problem by a friend who asked me for  some financial assistance with aim of paying back the amount that will be loaned to him.  He refused the repayment and give him the 200,000 cedis that he requested just to get her some immediate treatment.  They carry her at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital this morning and he called me saying that the bills is $200.00 US.  Anthony Barlee ask them to pray as he related their information to some friends.  
So brethren, please pray for this girl as I am seeing her present condition is in need o of the Lord's deliverance.  Please pray with them.



Frances Junior Tamb Kasselie

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Francis Junior Tamb Kasselie is a 14 year old Liberian refugee orphan whose parents abandoned him.  He is presently living on the camp without any family members, but lives with street friends.  He has a right broken hand which started three years ago when he was hit by a car in Ivory Coast. He was treated traditional with herbs but his hand has become a problem.  His bones usually become very painful sometimes.  Also there is a drainage from his hand.  He needs treatment before his hand is mutilated.  He has no assistance right now.  There is an odor coming from his hand that makes people want to move away from him.  He is presently with Brother Barlee in his home since yesterday Aug. 21, 2004 when he met him.   We pray that someone will help this child.  Please contact us if you can help.  Your love and financial assistance will help this child greatly. 






piccamp.jpg (108283 bytes) Picture 1:  Henry Doe,age 6yrs lives with his sister Genevie who is also a 15yrs old girl on the camp.Their parents where killed in the civil war in Liberia last year July 23,2003.She was out in search for food when little Henry was playing games with his friends on the camp behind their house of thatches when climbing a mango tree he fell from the tree and broke his hand this ending.I was around their house when this occured.I manange to carry little Henry to a nearby nurse who requested that he be cry the hospital for treatment,but when his sister came back from searching for food with the few cups of rice in her hand just be rushed to the nursed to the house to see her brother with nobody to help them.Please,let us see what we can do for little Henry and his sister Genevie.

Picture 2:  Are three Sierra Leonian refugee children that where brought here by people who later abandoned them and left for Liberia just last week.  They where brought to Anthony Barlee for handling  to see if he could help them.  I pray that God will fine assistance for them.  People that will help the three children.  They are from left to right on the picture: Agatha age 11yrs,Rio Evans,age 12yrs and Precious,age 14yrs.

soreleg.jpg (31645 bytes)Dehcontee   Barlee,17yrs old Liberian presently living in Accra, Ghana on the Liberian  Buduburam Refugee camp where she is seeking asylum because of the insecurity and war that is going on in her country Liberia.  She has being displaced from her first refugee country the Ivory Coast because of war.  She was robe while on route to Accra, Ghana by the Ivorien military men along side the Ivory Coast=Ghana international travel route. She was wounded by them on her leg and is in severe pains at this time.  She needs assistance as her mother who was Anthony Barlee's  aunt was killed along with her husband in the Ivory Coast last year.  He is the only one here that she now has.  Please pray for her and send funds if you able.



Click on the form that we have on many of the children at the camp that have no one to care for them.  They all need someone to love and support them.  If God leads you to contact us concerning one of these children, we will be happy to connect you to that child. 


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