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Healing Farm Children Missions

Children Page 2

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Otis  J. Kollie is 6yrs old with his mother and father unknown. He is presently living with man who found him three years ago in the camp.  He is a very smart kid and loves sports  .He needs attention for help in that he does not have anybody to whom he can rely on as a true parent.  He needs someone that will help him to know the love of a true parent and the care that they render their children

Dorothy  P. Sayee is a female of the age 10yrs living with her grandmother who is a widow and aged. Her mother and father where both killed in the civil war in Liberia in the year 1995 when she was just 1 year old. Her grandmother and herself where assisted by some of her mother friends to get on the ship to Ghana in order to seek refuge in Ghana. Her grandmother is now very old about 74yrs old and can not afford any money or food for their sustenance. Please, she need someone as parent to take care of her as few weeks or months from now her grandmother will be gone to meet the Lord.

Tom Lainga is a 9 year old boy living in the camp. he does not know where his parents are .he is suffering from  hydro-seeds infection ( enlargement of the teste) always  painful needs medical attention.


Weedor W, Soko is 9 year old girl who lost her father in Liberia . She is now living in Buduburam camp with her mother, who is unemployed and needs assistance, her self. She is also suffering from severe headaches, pains and fever.