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Healing Farm Children Missions

Interesting items from the Camp 

Warning! This web site was created to help children, but Evangelist Barlee, has been cheating us.  Do not send this man any money.  The children will certainly not receive it.  He has been working with a woman named, Johan Pratt, and together they have cheated us out of $2,000.00  We have a trusted investigator in the camp.  

Email us for the details, at this address




File0026.jpg (164381 bytes) Picture 1: Bro.Micheal Hall,excutive Director Strong Fathers,Bro.John M.T,Mansaray,Sister Sabra Hall,Sister kristi ,Sister Yeiyai Yorlay and Bro.James Barlingar all members of evangelism team doing the five days Gospel Campaign on the refugee camp.


Picture 2: Team studying with some members of the community along with their family.


Picture 3: Bro.Greg  Larson and Bro.Daniel all from the U.S worship with us doing there last day of the Gospel Campaign