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Healing Farm Children Missions

Mission House

Warning! This web site was created to help children, but Evangelist Barlee, has been cheating us.  Do not send this man any money.  The children will certainly not receive it.  He has been working with a woman named, Johan Pratt, and together they have cheated us out of $2,000.00  We have a trusted investigator in the camp.  

Email us for the details, at this address


These are pictures are  mission buildings.   The building for the children's programs  is not finished is because we do not have the funds for materials to complete it.  The person who constructed it is willing to lease it to us at a reasonable amount for a year if we are interested in it.  
The blue building is the one that I built last year and is now occupied with people who do not have amount to lease a house and who have no help from anywhere for housing.

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